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Interested in having a brighter, whiter smile? Ask us about Custom In-Office whitening. Today’s teeth whitening options are affordable, comfortable, fast, and require less maintenance than ever before. You’ll notice dramatic results after only a few short office visits. For the ultimate in a smile make-over, ask us about veneers–a time-saving shortcut to straighter, brighter teeth. 

Are you accepting new patients?
Yes, we gladly provide both adult and child care.  

Do you offer evening appointments?
Monday evening appointments are offered.  This appointment time is very popular.  Please call today to check on availability.

Which insurances do you accept?  
We accept and file all insurances. We will readily contact your insurance company for a break down of your dental benefits and provide you with your estimated copayment information.

Do you accept Medicaid?
We provide care to a set number of Medicaid dental patients.  Upon request, your name can be placed on our Medicaid waiting list.

Can I accompany my child to the treatment room?
We prefer that parents stay in the reception area while their child receives dental treatment.  Exclusive time with your child allows our clinicians to focus their attention solely on your child for educational and instructional interactions.  

Why is an examination and x-rays necessary?
Dr. De La Rosa combines both clinical and radiographic examinations to diagnose and make appropriate recommendations for your dental care.  Radiographs (x-rays) are necessary to disclose and evaluate unhealthy teeth, gums and bone.